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Lucifer Star Machine play fired-up Rock'n'Roll, influenced by Punk and Hard Rock.

Their high energy live shows cement their reputation as a true in-your-face Hardcore Rock 'n' Roll act. But it is the segueing of this wanton brutality with their sense for heartfelt and catchy melodies that makes them truly stand out.

The German 5-piece was originally founded in London, UK in 2002 and has since toured several times across Europe, sharing stages with acts like Peter Pan Speedrock, Nashville Pussy and Demented Are Go.

In 2019 the band hit the stage at Wacken Open Air, one of the world's biggest Heavy Metal festivals, where the bill included Slayer, Body Count and Airbourne amongst others.

Lucifer Star Machine's first single, "Death Baby", came out in 2004 and was produced by Punk Rock legend Rat Scabies of The Damned. After two album releases on various indies, they signed with German label I Sold My Soul Media in 2013, who released their critically acclaimed third full length "Rock'n'Roll Martyrs". The record was lauded for its authenticity and its snotty and unadorned approach.

In 2012 founder and band leader Tor Abyss moved back to his home country of Germany, whilst the rest of the band remained in England. Over time the logistics proved to be too difficult, so he decided to give the band a fresh start.

Thus, since Autumn 2014, Lucifer Star Machine is now based in Hamburg, Germany.

In 2019 the band signed a record deal with Swedish label The Sign Records. The group’s fourth album “The Devil’s Breath” was released worldwide in April 2020 and received praise by the international press.

Due to Covid-19 all touring plans were put on hold. After the restrictions were lifted, the 

band toured the record extensively in 2022, with shows in Germany, Spain, Czech 

Republic, the Netherlands, Denmark and the United Kingdom.

During the pandemic, Lucifer Star Machine has written and recorded a new full length 

record. “Satanic Age” was released by The Sign Records in April 2023, predated by four singles with accompanying videos. The album could once again gain positive attention by the press. Following their German release tour, the band is set to play shows throughout Europe.


Some Press Quotes About Satanic Age:

"LUCIFER STAR MACHINE are probably still an insider tip. That could definitely change with “Satanic Age”, because the record kicks ass." (Rock Hard, Germany)

"Satanic Age is running on balls-to-the-wall, fists in the air, pummelling action. Smash beers. Hammer riffs. Shout your head off. Turn it up to 11. Grab a livener... and repeat. (Vive Le Rock, UK)

"An album that in continuous rotation has become a real "grower". Punk Rock. Rock'n'Roll, Hardcore, Glam - "Satanic Age" has it all. A varied, very well-produced album." (OXFanzine, Germany)

"This lot play brilliant punk fuelled rock music and it's presented with the sort of energy that clears a 48-hour old hangover." (Powerplay, UK)

”Lucifer Star Machine are so brilliant that if they didn’t exist, someone would have to make them up. This is the fifth album from the outrageously tuneful German outfit and, without mincing words, it is the most brutally effective melodic rock punk album I have ever experienced.“ (The Punk Site, UK)

"Mighty successful work, a pearl of street dirt and pissed off anger. Convinces me completely." (Crossfire, Germany)

"The fivesome nspires with 13 tracks that convince through catchiness and sustainability. They offer catchy structures that are immediately accessible and ensure a high level of listening pleasure." (Metal Factory, Switzerland)

"There are no failures on the album and the songs are all on a very entertaining level." (MetalBite, USA)

"An essential Punk Rock release. Strong (Adopte Un Disque, France)

"Satanic Age is all swagger and attitude, the perfect fusion of punk and hard rock." (Noob Heavy, Australia)

"Awesome Punk Rock! If you can keep your ass still, you should definitely have yourself checked for signs of life." (Zephyrs Odem, Germany)

”The sound of LUCIFER STAR MACHINE has everything I love about rock ’n‘ roll. These guys hit you with energetic smashers and cool catchy melodies that will set your rocker hearts on fire.“ (Metal Heads, Germany)

”All killer no filler! Short, sharp, punchy impacts, but still combined with shit tonnes of infectious harmonies and melodies as effective as being bitten by a rabies-infused zombie.“ (Über Rock, UK)

”Just one listen to Lucifer Star Machine‘s new album Satanic Age suggests that exciting times might be ahead for the band. Repeated listens confirm that yes, indeed, something special is brewing here. Satanic Age is the sound of a band whose gears have finally clicked into position perfectly" (Sentinal Daily, Australia)

Some Press Quotes About The Devil's Breath:

”One hell of a record“ (Vive Le Rock, UK)

”This and I mean This is the album you need right now! (Rock n Load, UK)

”Punk and Rock’n’Roll gems! The songwriting reached a new level.“ (OxFanzine, Germany)

”Every track is an absolute banger. It delivers on all levels and most of all it’s so, so catchy“ (Powerplay, UK)

”They celebrate a high proof musical enthusiasm, that comes along fresh and snotty“ (Deaf Forever, Germany)

”The 5-piece varies the tight high-energy-concept effortlessly, without sounding insincere“ (Rock Hard, Germany)

”You know from the first chord that this is gonna be about blood, guts and searing, heavy-duty, puke-on-your-shoes Rock’n’Roll“ (Classic Rock Magazine, UK)

”Absolutely brilliant. It just doesn’t get much better than this.“ (Maximum Volume Music, Germany)

​​​Line up:

Tor Abyss (Throat)

Mickey Necro (Guitars)

Mighty Ramon (Guitars) ex-Mad Sin, ex-Demented Scumcats

Benny Zin (Bass) ex-Frantic Flintstones

Captain Fettsau (Drums) ex-Teenage Love Guns




• 2004: Death Baby (7" Vinyl Single) Black Tongue Records (UK)

• 2005: Fire In Your Hole (Album: CD) Noisemaker Records (Germany)

• 2009: Street Value Zero (Album: CD/LP) Nicotine Records/Tornado Ride Records (Italy)

• 2013: Rock'n'Roll Martyrs (Album: CD/Digital) I Sold My Soul Media (Germany)

• 2015: Eat Dust (7" Vinyl Single) Wolverine Records (Germany)

• 2016: Your Love Remains (7" Vinyl Single) Selfdestructo Records (USA)

• 2016: Rock'n'Roll Martyrs + Bonus Tracks (Re-release/Digital only) Selfdestructo Records (USA)

• 2018: Evil Blood (Ltd. 8" Lathe Cut EP) Gods Candy Records (Canada)

• 2020: The Devil's Breath (Album: CD/LP/Deluxe LP/Digital) The Sign Records (Sweden)

• 2020: Rock'n'Roll Martyrs (Re-release/LP) The Sign Records (Sweden)

• 2021: Fire In Your Hole (Re-release/LP) Infantile Records (Germany)

• 2023: Satanic Age (Album: CD/LP) The Sign Records (Sweden)




Steffi Negroni

Rox Sheila

Scheideholzweg 41a

21149 Hamburg


All rights by Poison Arrows Agency (S. Balling)

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